Our Fitness Membership

Body Synergy's fitness membership is completely unique, we use exercise as a treatment towards long term health and well-being.

  • Personal trainers on the floor every time you workout, guaranteed.​​​​​​​
  • An amazing variety of (WODS) workouts of the day.
  • Tailored programs for your personal goals.
  • Hands on personal trainers who really care.
  • A friendly social gym environment.
  • Scientific surface EMG analysis as often as you need it.
  • Spin and Core classes.
  • A qualified team and the friendliest little gym in the world!

Latest News

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13 Mar, 2019

Did you know we use surface electromyography (SEMG)? 🤔 Using this technology we have tested all exercises and found the most effective training techniques for your muscle groups. SEMG is available to...

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8 Mar, 2019

Eyes up! 👀 Are you getting excited for what’s coming?! Thinking of joining Body Synergy? You’re in the best hands. Visit Read More

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4 Mar, 2019

Did you know as part of your experience at Body Synergy, we have personal trainers out in the gym every time you workout, guaranteed. Thinking of joining Body Synergy? Check out our pop-up website...

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28 Feb, 2019

The Body Synergy Reinvention IS happening! We’re getting closer to an announcement 😉 We’re very proud to be delivering you a one of a kind experience! Like what you see and thinking of checking out...

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Why Body Synergy Gym?

Rowan Ellis, the founder of Body Synergy gym, has a simple but compelling approach to relieving musculoskeletal pain. His hypothesis: to protect the spine and joints, one must understand their body and contract the right muscles at the right time.

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