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Our Team

Introducing the wonderful team at Body Synergy

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Rowan Ellis

Company Director, Musculo-skeletal Massage Expert, Founder of Body Synergy

Qualifications & Work Experience:
Bachelor of Applied Management (Innovation and Entrepreneurship) 30 years assessing and treating clients as a Musculo-skeletal Massage Expert, 30 years as a business owner.

The greatest thing about working at Body Synergy Gym:
It's not a job it's my passion, and I love the challenges that face me every day with every new client I meet - A close friend of mine said to me you are a fortunate man to do what you love everyday and everyday I am grateful for doing what I do. I am my toughest critic, I strive for excellence in everything I do.

My greatest achievement to date:
My sons Jonty George Ellis and Toby Aston Ellis - Creating Body Synergy with my wife Kylie. Encouraging staff to follow their dreams and be the best they can be.

Why I do what I do:
My passion to provide the best service and expertise in my field grows every day. I push boundaries and question theories in the often confusing world of back pain. I will not stop until I find solutions for my clients. I am a holistic practitioner delivering hands on treatment through remedial massage and scientific testing using surface EMG (Electromyography). I am genuinely passionate about helping people and finding the fundamental cause of their pain. I use evidence based principles.

Talk to me if you want...
A more active, healthy, pain free life, I am here to help.

Favourite Quote:
"You are always three feet from gold" Napoleon Hill

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